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Our Mandate



The KEPHIS Act No. 54 of 2012 outlines fifteen functions of the Service. The functions are:

a)Regulate matters relating to plant protection, seeds and plant varieties;

b)Administer and enforce Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures;

c)Support the administration and enforcement of food safety measures;

d)Establish service laboratories to monitor the quality and levels of toxic residues in agro-inputs, irrigation water, plants, soils and produce; e)Be the principal advisor to the Government on issues relating to seeds and planting material;

f)Implement plant variety protection in Kenya, administer plant breeders' rights and maintain the Plant Breeders' Rights Register; g)Undertake plant variety testing and description, seed certification and plant quarantine control;

h)Undertake inspection and grading of plants and plant produce at the ports of entry and exit;

i)In consultation with other relevant agencies, develop and implement standards for seed and plant materials;

j)Implement and enforce national biosafety regulations on the introduction and use of genetically or living modified species of plants, insects and microorganisms, plant products and other related species;

k)Regulate import and export of plants and plant materials;

l)In consultation with other relevant agencies, regulate the commercial exploitation of naturally occurring plants and plant-related microorganisms;

m)Register and license seed merchants, seed growers, agents and any other person who may be required to be registered under the provisions of this Act or any of the laws specified in the First Schedule;

n)Enter into association with such other bodies or organizations or authorized persons as the Board may consider desirable or appropriate in furtherance of the purposes for which the Service is established;

o)Be the liaison office for international conventions relating to plant variety protection, plant protection, seed certification and dealing with endangered species or any other related conventions.


Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) is the Government Parastatal whose responsibility is to assure the quality of agricultural inputs and produce to prevent adverse impact on the economy, the environment and human health.